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OpenTable provides a real-time online restaurant reservation service for about 31,000 upscale restaurants around the world, including the UK.

Reservations are free to end-users, restaurants are charged monthly and per-reservation fees for their use of the system.

Booking can be done online or via a mobile app. Every month, OpenTable diners write more than 450,000 restaurant reviews helping others to discover and book.

Produits et Services

OpenTable provides a restaurant management system for restaurateurs, the ERB (Electronic Reservation Book), an integrated software and hardware solution which computerises restaurant host-stand operations for subscribing restaurants.

It provides:

  • Reservation management
  • Guest management: keeps track of VIPs, customer preferences and repeat customers; also allows targeted marketing to customers
  • Table management: customers seating customers and table status tracking
  • POS integration: connects ERB to Point of Sale systems
  • Reports

Restaurants may also offer 1,000 OpenTable points to diners for reservations at non-peak hours, which can work as an incentive to web reservation users to fill out a restaurant during slow times.

Info list
  • Année de création: 1998
  • Autres villes: San Francisco (USA) / Tokyo (Japan) / Mexico / Frankfurt (Germany)